Why Should I Use Beard Oil?

by Cody Murphey

Q: Hey, Cody. What’s the deal with this beard oil stuff you’re always going on and on about? — Abraham Henderson, Mt. Vernon, VA

A: Great question, Abraham. Beard oil, in a nutshell, is everything your beard has been asking you for, but you probably didn’t realize it — until now. In fact, at every step of growing and maintaining a beard, a few drops of beard oil will make your beard more healthy, more moisturized, and more magnificent.

I’ll break it down for you.

Stubble Stage

Let’s start with the beginning stage of a beard: the stubble stage. This is by far the most difficult stage. And most guys, despite truly wanting a gorgeous beard, won’t make it through it. The reason being: their face is itchy all the time. So they may fight the good fight for a week or two, but then they’ll ultimately give in and shave it all off. In other words, they fail.

But let’s say they’d had a little bit of beard oil during the stubble stage. (I’d recommend Rain Forest, Old Fashioned, or Driftwood for a newly burgeoning beard.) Then everything would have been different. Beard oil not only keeps the skin moisturized and itch-free, but also promotes a healthy beard and discourages ingrown hairs.

And as an added bonus, beard oil smells amazing, which will make you happier and cause other people to like you better. (Note: You might notice women leaning in closer than usual. Don’t act surprised. This is normal.)

Full-On Stage

Fast-forward a few months and now you’re sporting a respectably thick beard. While you may have finally outgrown the itchy stubble stage, beard oil is more essential now than ever before.

Beard oil will do three things for your beard:

  1. Keep it healthy and moisturized, not to mention significantly softer. (It will keep the skin beneath your beard healthy and moisturized too, which is a difficult task as your beard becomes more and more impenetrable.)
  2. Keep it smelling amazing, not only for you but for those around you.
  3. Best of all, it will keep it looking amazing, tamed, and under control—which is what every respectable beardsman desires.

You want to look awesome, right? Well, beard oil tames your beard by preventing the scraggliness and unshapeliness that is the natural enemy of every respectable beardsman in the world.

For the thicker, full-on beard, I recommend using a heavier beard oil, like Deep Woods, Winter No.1, or '34 Vintage.


We're here to make your beard the best beard it can be. Send all your grooming questions to Cody@BeardSupply.com.

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