A beard doesn’t make a man. A man is what he builds, what he nurtures, what he cuts down and turns into a log cabin, what he takes apart and fashions into some sort of rain collection device. Being a man isn’t about being at all: It’s about exploring, wandering, driving 55mph over uneven terrain.

A beard doesn't make a man. A man makes a beard.
And then he takes really good care of it.

Beard Supply Co was born out of a deep respect for beards — for what the beard is, and for what the beard represents. We use only 100% natural ingredients, mixed, balanced and scented to perfection. We travel around the world looking for inspiration. We drink whisky until the early morning discussing which oils are truly essential.

Because a beard is about more than just not shaving. It’s a chosen way of life: entry into a brotherhood of bearded men everywhere. Your beard is something you should cherish — something you should grow with pride.

Our Story

Beard Supply was born from a childhood friendship and a mutual love for quality and craftsmanship.

Growing up together in a rural area of North Texas, Josh Read and Cody Murphey forged their friendship in the fires of juvenile delinquency and irresponsibility, constantly camping, exploring, and shooting pellet guns at unsuspecting neighborhood cats.

For these two, everywhere was a wilderness and everyday was an adventure.

20 years later — bearded family-men, both — Josh and Cody’s friendship is stronger than ever. Their mutual love for manliness, craftsmanship, quality and beards inspired them to create a company based on those same values. Many late nights, botched formulas, and tweaked/perfected recipes later, Beard Supply was born — a company for bearded men by bearded men. To celebrate, Josh and Cody poured themselves each a glass of fine whiskey.